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Requesting or contesting alimony when going through a divorce can be complicated and stressful for both sides. Since alimony is such a difficult concept, there are several different types of alimony and to properly understand and calculate the right amount in your case, you need a Franklin alimony attorney like R. Timothy Hogan in the Tennessee area. Listed below are the different types of alimony in Tennessee:

  • Rehabilitative Alimony: This type of alimony is intended to aid a spouse who lacks skills and the ability to earn enough money to enjoy the same standard of living that he or she experienced throughout the marriage. The court may grant a spouse rehabilitative alimony in order for that individual to go to school or attend a training program that will teach them the skills needed to acquire a job.
  • Alimony in Futuro (also called Periodic Alimony): Alimony in Futuro is a type of alimony in which one of the spouses will be given financial support over a long period of time. In order to be ordered this type of alimony, the spouse and his or her legal team must prove that he or she is unable to earn enough income to enjoy the same quality of life as he or she did when married.
  • Transitional Alimony: This type of alimony is support paid for a definite period of time while a spouse adjusts to his or her new financial circumstances after the dissolution of a marriage.
  • Alimony in Solido (also called Lump Sum Alimony): This type of alimony is a form of long-term support calculated and granted by the court. The lump sum of compensation can be divided and paid out in installments over a set period of time.

When it comes to dealing with the law regarding alimony, the law office of R. Timothy Hogan will send an alimony attorney that will make sure you will be able to get what you deserve in terms of property and financial benefits. As previously mentioned, alimony includes a variety of sub-factors that make up this section of divorce and family laws. Because it is spousal support, it will require both parties to agree on terms that will decide who gets which and how much will be split. During such negotiations, there should always be an alimony attorney present to check the validity of the propositions of each side.

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