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Child Custody Representation

Child custody, as it is evident in the name itself, deals with the concern of which parent will gain the custody of the child or children. It is a long process, but it is doable with the right representation by a child custody lawyer. With R. Timothy Hogan by your side as yourFranklinchild custody attorney , you will have someone to fight for your rights as a parent deserving to take care of your children.

During a complicated divorce, the married couple are not the only people being affected. The entire household will experience a drastic change once the divorce gets filed. There will be a time of negligence for some because of the strain between the relationship of the parents. There will be instances in which the children will be confused, lost, and hurt as to what is happening. There will even be times when it will cause trauma to the children. In these cases, it is the job of the parent to deal with the transition. But you do not have to go through it alone. That is where the child custody lawyer comes into play.

Why do You Need a Child Custody Lawyer?

Regardless of whether you are facing difficult negotiations or an seeking an amicable simple agreement in regards to custody of your child or children, you should always have a family law attorney by your side. If you don’t have anyone representing you during negotiations, you may have a more difficult time handling the case and getting the results you hope for. There are many ways in which the other party will be able to grab the opportunity and take advantage of the circumstances. With that said, in order to avoid getting the short end of the stick, you should always have a child custody attorney. With Mr. Hogan by your side, you will know whether or not the terms presented to you by the other party are fair and legal.

With proper guidance and knowledge about how child custody works, you will be able to defend your case and convince the court that you are the parent that can provide for the children much better than the other party. The paperwork, the filing, and the defense will be handled accordingly by the child custody lawyer present, which is the reason you should have one in the first place.

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Attorney R. Timothy Hogan handles Family Law and other legal matters.

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Unfortunately, child custody cases are rarely clean and simple. It may be a stressful road ahead, but one good way to lessen the mess and the stress is by hiring the best divorce lawyer in town. Drop by at the office located at 218 West Main Street, Murfreesboro, TN or call them at (888) 336-6297 for inquiries.