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When you are looking for a helpful divorce lawyer in Franklin , it is vital that you make the right choice. Divorce, if not handled by a diligent lawyer, can be a costly expense for years to come. Whether you’re searching for answers about your civil rights or joint custody, it’s important to research your options with the right lawyer.

The Documentation: Divorce Papers and Divorce Court in Franklin and Brentwood, TN

Divorce is the legal termination of marriage and the process can be stressful and time-consuming when not handled appropriately. In the United States alone, 40 to 50 percent of married couples end up seeking a divorce. Divorce papers are more than a signature; they represent your present and future. Signing divorce papers should never be done without a trusted lawyer to walk you through the important steps on how to file for divorce. When hiring a prospective lawyer for your Tennessee divorce case, you are likely to establish a reasonable case for court, get the documents you absolutely need, and create a working relationship with your divorce lawyer. From financial data to a filing system, your lawyer can help you through the difficult steps during the process of signing the final documents.

The Cost of Divorce in Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee

Have you considered the costs, liability, and legality when it comes to presenting your case in court? Do you have evidence to back your case? If you choose to handle this matter as an uncontested divorce, you will be looking at extra fees than if you were to join forces with a lawyer. This action will save you the hassle of taking on legal burdens such as court fees and the fine print. You might be tempted to use your own documents when presenting yourself in court, but having a divorce attorney sift through your provided files will ease the trouble of wasting valuable time on what isn’t necessary. You can rest assured that your Franklin and Brentwood divorce attorney will present only the documents that state your true wish and intent for going forward.

The Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan represents clients in the Franklin, Brentwood and surrounding areas

Attorney Hogan has extensive experience with the challenges that accompany Franklin and Brentwood divorce, alimony, paternity, child support, and child custody. Attorney Hogan has represented many satisfied clients throughout his years concentrating in family and divorce law, and prides himself on providing assistance throughout this delicate matter. Attorney Hogan will take you through the process of your divorce, provide information on property division and other liabilities, and most importantly, consider the welfare of the children involved. Hire a Tennessee divorce attorney that is focused on resolving your divorce favorably and in a cost-effective and personalized manner.

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