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Divorce can be stressful, not just on you but on everyone involved--especially children. There are various steps you can take to reduce the stress of divorce--one being divorce mediation in Franklin. This frequently used method is a form of negotiation through a mediator. Before you go through the divorce, there are some things to consider about divorce mediation.

What can Divorce Mediation do for my Divorce?

Divorce can erupt in anger and disappointment, usually resulting in frustration for both parties. Did you know that the success rate of divorce mediation is nearly 90%? Divorce statistics in the U.S. state that 50% of marriages end in divorce. This kind of help is often sought by many who are in the midst of the divorce process. It is a reassuring solution that allows you to make up your mind for your own, the good of your children, and that your future.

Divorce mediation is provided by a third party who is separate from your divorce lawyer. Though you will want your attorney to be present, the mediator is available to help you discuss and resolve the issues in your divorce. The unbiased party will not make any decisions for you, but rather offer assistance in finding the best solution for you and your spouse. Whether you feel that you and your spouse are capable of amicably reconciling your differences, help from a Tennessee divorce mediator will prevent emotions from getting in the way of the decision-making process.

Should we use a Divorce Mediator in Franklin and Brentwood Tennessee?

Divorce mediation is controlled by both parties and not through the court system. Child custody is one of the biggest battles that seems to leave both parties in an emotional whirl. Especially for the sake of the children's’ emotional well-being, this form of mediation allows both parties to examine the important matters without anger or sadness stifling the process.

Once both parties have come to an agreement, the mediator will draw up a settlement. You will then want your divorce attorney to look over the settlement with you before signing off. Depending on the case and your lawyer involved, your mediation can last up to six months. Divorce mediation is an inexpensive way to settle disagreements with your spouse, it’s confidential, and it helps provide fair solutions for both parties.

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