How to File for Divorce in Franklin, TN

Divorce attorney in Tennessee

You’re never just a signature away from freedom when it comes to divorce. Without the right kind of help, how can you know which divorce papers to sign, child custody agreements, and even the cost? Even if you feel that you’re on the same page as your spouse when it comes to divorce--protect yourself by hiring a trusted lawyer. A divorce attorney in Franklin will walk you the steps on how to file for a divorce, separation agreements, and more so you don’t accrue long-term negative effects.

I Want a Divorce!: Stress and Divorce in Franklin and Brentwood, TN

I want a divorce. Those four words can cut right to the bone, leaving you feeling helpless and fearful of which direction to turn. You might even be presented with divorce papers, but before you sign any document, you should consult with your divorce attorney. A Tennessee county courthouse will have divorce papers that you and your spouse may obtain so that you may get the process moving. This is only the beginning of a tedious process that requires professional assistance to complete correctly.

You and your spouse can seek out divorce lawyers separately to handle the most delicate information for a smoother process. You will need to decide for yourself what outcome you will be satisfied with, for example, which assets you are planning on dividing, child custody accommodations, and other clearly delineated goals. Once the information is compiled, a trusted Brentwood or Franklin divorce lawyer will walk you through the rest of the fine details.

Dividing your Assets with the Help of a Franklin or Brentwood Divorce Lawyer

A consultation with your attorney will cover such legalities as bank accounts, credit card balances, mortgages, and other assets. A simple, one-hour consultation with your divorce attorney is crucial as it will establish your goals and force you to ask personal questions that will support your case. You will not walk out of the court with any unfinished business, no matter the case. After all, you must take into consideration the emotional strain that divorce can have and going through it without a divorce lawyer by your side can complicate matters.

The Law office of R. Timothy Hogan serves clients in Franklin, Brentwood, and the surrounding areas

No divorce can be categorized as big or small; each case is handled with care and urgency at our reliable divorce law firm. If you think you can go online and take care of these vital matters through a quick and easy process--we urge you to reconsider. With years of experience in alimony, child support, divorce, paternity, and child custody in the Franklin and Brentwood areas, no case goes unresolved.

If you are looking for information on how to proceed with your divorce, you should contact the Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan to get the answers you need and protect yourself for years to come.

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