Divorce Laws in Tennessee

If you’ve been inquiring about divorce in Tennessee, you have likely started asking questions and gathering information--and chances are--you are going to run into a series of laws that may seem intimidating at first glance. No matter what road you choose to take with divorce--uncontested or contested--each state has its own set of rules and divorce laws that must be considered by all parties involved. From child custody to separation it is imperative that you understand your rights while paying attention to the legalities. Before you make a permanent decision, your Franklin divorce attorney will help counsel you regarding the Tennessee divorce laws so that your divorce proceeds as smoothly as possible.

The Complexity of Divorce Law in Franklin and Brentwood, TN

No matter how well you think you know your spouse, or how amicable your situation may seem, the possibility exists that an individual may unknowingly enter into a marriage with another person who has not been entirely upfront on any given matter--or where a person is in violation of the laws of the state of Tennessee. In Tennessee, legal grounds for divorce include, but are not limited to: either party being aware of impotence prior to marriage, an attempt on the life of either party, bigamy, adultery, pregnancy during the time of marriage without the partner knowing, and habitual drugs or alcohol use.

States such as California and Florida have divorce laws that implement a slightly different model, for example, these states may have a specific timeframe that is required for filing. Under Florida divorce laws, there are only two grounds for divorce: the marriage is for whatever reason irretrievably broken or the mental state of spouse is in question or questionable.

Divorce and Child Custody and Support in Franklin and Brentwood, Tennessee

When it comes to divorce laws in Tennessee, the determination for child custody and child support rests on elements such as the stability of the family or caregivers, the school, community and home record of child, the mental and physical health of parents/caregivers, evidence of abuse present with a child, and the home living environment, etc. Whatever the circumstance for divorce, the best and most efficient way to make your case is by seeking out the divorce laws in the state of your residency. Your local divorce lawyer will provide you with updated information should there be a change in the legalities in your area.

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If you are educating yourself on Tennessee divorce laws and would like to consult with an empathetic but aggressive Tennessee divorce lawyer, contact Attorney R. Timothy Hogan to discuss your options for a favorable outcome in your Franklin or Brentwood divorce case. Divorce is a sensitive matter which requires an attorney that concentrates in family law matters.

If you are seeking information on how to move forward with your divorce, which laws you need to adhere too, or even questions concerning your child support and custody, than you should have an attorney on your side to assist you in navigating through the proper Tennessee divorce law channels. More than anything, the main goal at the Law Office of R. Timothy Hogan is to represent you and your family’s best interest and bring peace of mind back to your home.

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