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What is a Paternity?

Paternity is the state of being the father of someone. If there are some issues that question the validity of the father’s claim to the child or children, this Franklin legal office will give you a paternity lawyer that will make sure that all the facts are laid on the table. In some cases, there will be times when people will try to claim that they are the father of the child just so that they can claim custody to the children or even a share of the inheritance or financial savings. With a case like that, the paternity attorney will guide you in what you can do to defend your status as the natural parent to the child.

However, if you are on the opposition side, the paternity attorney will inform you with everything that you need to know regarding the procedures of doing a paternity test. It may not seem necessary to you at first because you are not the one taking the test. While that may be the case, you would still need to understand the process so that you won’t be blindsided during negotiations or in court. The paternity lawyer will make sure that all the necessary steps are taken and that the opposition will not pull anything that could give false results that could harm your defense.

Whatever the situation may be, the attorney will make sure that all tests are done correctly without tampering and manipulation and that the results will be credible and trustworthy. Going through a paternity case on your own may possibly even hurt your case. As a paternity lawyer, R. Timothy Hogan will use his knowledge and abilities to make sure that the results are accurate and that nothing has been manipulated by the other party.

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